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Discover the Magic of Indy Fresh Market’s Locally Sourced Produce

Indulge in the freshest produce at Indy Fresh Market! Locally sourced delights, farmers market charm, and great deals await you!

Discover the Magic of Indy Fresh Market's Locally Sourced Produce

Produce Department

At Indy Fresh Market, we put produce at the forefront, recognizing its vital role in human nutrition, health, and wellness. Our commitment to a healthier grocery store is evident as we showcase locally sourced fruits and vegetables from urban farmers and rural growers, combating food insecurity and offering unique items you won’t find elsewhere.

Experience a “farmers market” atmosphere with deeply discounted prices, fresh salads, premium produce brands, and more. Our fresh approach ensures new offerings and deals each week. We gladly accommodate special requests, such as purchasing items for you, crafting fruit platters for events, or hosting school field trips.

Join us in supporting urban farms and rural growers, and embrace the goodness of local, fresh produce at Indy Fresh Market!